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BKS Photography Contest - 2010

Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam
BKS Photography Club
BKS Photography Contest - 2010

Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam Photography Club is pleased to announce its first photo contest in the year 2010 with the subject “Deep Love”. We value the interest of photographers and respect their skills & dedication in promoting photography as an art form in the region. With this in mind we wanted from those who love to hide behind the lens, have their creative minds worked for the theme “Deep Love”. We look forward to see the submissions and ultimately presenting cash award to the winners. This contest is open for all nationalities residing in Bahrain. All entries must be received by BKS Photography club by 10th January 2011. The winners will be announced after January 3rd Week 2011. Please find below the contest details & entry forms. “Deep Love”
There is Deep Love in all of us. The subject is one of the most common themes in the creative arts, with a variety of different feelings, state, attitude etc. The goal is to capture an image that represents “Deep Love”. It is on the theme, if the kind of subject portrays intense love, could be towards a person, an animal, an object, a principle… anything that you could think of. The part of the challenge is to keep your subject attractive, clean and without anything nude or offensive, while staying on the theme. Good Luck!!.

Evaluation Criteria

Composition: The selection of the frame and the elements considered.
Technical Aspects: The technical aspects used for getting the intended frame. Lighting to the subject and the apt usage of technology in post processing.

Creativity & perspective: The creativity of the photographer in bringing up the subject with suitable frame and light. The perspective of the photographer in approaching the subject linking with the theme.

1. The competition is open to any photographer of all nationalities (amateur or professional) residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The members and relatives of BKS Photography club executive committee / judging panel will not be allowed to participate in this contest.

2. The best three photographs will be awarded with cash prices. First Prize: USD 500/-, Second Prize: USD 250/-, Third Prize USD 100/-.

3. A participant can submit any number of images by email to on or before 09:00pm, 10th January 2011.

4. The email should include Your Name, CPR Number, Contact Number and number of images submitted.

5. The images should be named in the format your CPRNo.jpg eg: 69349360.jpg or if more than one image, 69349360-1.jpg , 69349360-2.jpg….

6. The entry to the competition is subject to the payment of entry fee BHD 3/- per two images (subjected to minimum amount of BHD 3/- even if one image is submitted) submitted with duly filled entry forms.

7. The entry forms are available at Bahrain Kerala Samajam offices or could be mailed to your email address upon request.

8. Incomplete entry forms or absence of required information may disqualify the entry.

9. The entry fee shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

10. Photographs must have taken during the year 2010-2011.

11. The digital image must be in Jpeg format, of sufficient size and resolution for the judges to assess the sharpness and quality of the image (no less than 1MB size). If the quality of the image falls below the required standard, the organizers reserves the right to reject the entry.

12. Images submitted must be free of any borders, watermarks or signatures and must not be digitally enhanced. You may carry out digital manipulation for image optimization, but are not permitted to add or remove key elements of the composition. Brightness, Contrast, Color balance, Cropping, Sharpness can be adjusted. Minor spots and elements can be retouched. However the prize winning entries will be required to produce the original image file before a prize is awarded.

13. You must be the person who took the photograph. No 3rd party submissions will be accepted.

14. By submitting images to the competition, you confirm that you are the sole author and owner of the copyright of all images entered, and it is your original work. You have received necessary permission from the owner of the property included in the submitted image for the usage rights.

15. BKS photography Club shall not be indemnified, if the subject in the photo is falling under any copyright violations or any infringement of any other rights or privacy of a third person or the laws of the Kingdom.

16. The copyright of the entries will be with the photographers, but Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam will retain the right to use the photographs full or in partial in any non-commercial purpose without the consent of the photographers.

17. All participants must refrain from taking photographs of military bases or any unauthorized photography area in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

18. Participants must comply with all applicable legislation and public moral in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

19. The judges will be appointed by the organizers. The winners will be determined by the judges and the organizers in accordance with the competition rules. The judge’s decision is final on matters related to the competition, and organizers will not enter into any correspondence regarding the judging or organization of the competition.

For more information please contact Mr. Baji Odamveli (39258308) or Mr. Saji Antony (39691959)

P.V Radhakrishna Pillai (President, BKS)
N. K. Veeramani (Secretary, BKS)
Biju M. Satheesh (Secretary Literary wing, BKS)

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